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Hi there! Share Alamy images with your team and customers. Current lightbox. Live chat. Next. Recent searches:. Create a new lightbox Save. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. Two young women back view; unrecognizable in traditional kimono admiring cherry blossom in Sceaux park near Paris France. Hanami celebration. A hehot of a thoughtful middle aged Japanese woman. Maiko and Geisha walking around Gion in Kyoto Japan wearing traditional clothing with amazing makeup and hair.

Heiji Monogatari. Burning of the Sanjo palace middle 13th century. Kamakura romantic. The historic struggle for power between the Taira and the Minamoto clans are the subject of these dramatic e-maki. Considered by many to be the finest example of a battle scene in all Japanese art, the opening scene of this scroll shows how several hundred Minamoto clan warriors encircled the Sanjo Palace to abduct the retired emperor and his sister.

Women of the court escaped the Japanese cavalry marching to battle. Shinto wedding couple man and woman holding mirror at religious ceremony in Japanese park in TokyoJapan. Street food vendor selling boiled eggs popular fast food in Beppu.

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Black and white image. Beppu, Japan. Japanese tourists in the city of Bath, beside one of the famous terraces. A sales woman at the Enoshima Shrine is selling souvenirs, Omikuji and Ema for visitors. Magasin Pittoresque Japanese beggars, vintage engraved illustration.

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A black and white hehot of a sad looking middle aged Japanese woman. Woman with straw hatKoyasanJapan female pilgrim at Koyasan. May or June Group of Japanese women at Columbia microphone ca. Four young Asian women make selfie with park ceramics. These moga were Japan's equivalent of America's flappers, India's kallege ladki, Germany's neue Frauen, France's garconnes, or China's modeng xiaojie. The period was characterized by the emergence of working class young women with access to money and consumer goods. Modern girls were depicted as living in the cities, being financially and emotionally independent and choosing their own suitors.

Modern girls 'modan gaaru', also shortened to 'moga' were Japanese women who followed Westernized fashions and lifestyles in the s. A portrait of a beautiful young Japanese girl in a blue kimono for her coming of age ceremony on her 20th birthday. Traditional Japanese geishas. Photo from Bain News Service, c.

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They showed the terrible contrast between the life in two great cities - Tokyo and Shanghai. In the Japanese capital, life is almost normal. In Shanghai civilians have been caught up with combatants in the horror and bloodshed. A Japanese mother willing her child, displaying his martial spirit with the toy bugle, through the clean, peaceful streets of Tokyo.

House of Japanese immigrants in Hawaii c Dugouts camouflage against air attack. Dugouts, the entrance to which are concealed by tents camouflage with foliage to make them invisible to Japanese air raiders, providing safe shelter for women and children in war-torn Shanghai.

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Photo shows, the young Chinese girl, clustering, a tiny baby in her arms, emerging from a camouflage dugout in Shanghai. Photograph, Japanese immigrants workers at sugarcane field in Hawaii c Photo shows, a young Chinese girl helping an old woman out of a camouflage dugout in Shanghai. The little girl just stepping out behind seems to be crying. People walking on street in Tokyo, Japan.

Black and white photo. Glimpse on buildings and people with face masks walking on a street next to Harajuku station.

White woman looking japanese woman

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