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While, according to some, beauty fades, sexiness is timeless. And when it comes to sexy, the men on this list have it in droves. A rocker for over twenty years, we love every incarnation of Lenny Kravitz, from the locks to the clean-shaven look. His sexy stare, hot body and gorgeous lips keep calling us back for more. This man is fine! His body is pure perfection. Has there ever been a crooner more effortlessly smooth than Marvin Gaye? On top of his game, Usher is a force in the entertainment industry but also an extremely handsome man with a soft set of eyes and a great sense of style.

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Full package! With his youthful charm and chiseled good looks this Jamaican-American brought in some island heat back in the day.

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OW-ah, indeed. Can we talk about those arms, those lips and that sexy smile? Bob Marley may be the sexiest man to ever rock dread locks, ever! We keep the life-long cutie in our hearts. Face it, Boris, you are one of the sexiest men on earth.

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Who knew news could be so hot? We wish he could serenade us every night. The hottest man in basketball right now has moved to South Beach — to play with the Miami Heat — where the temperature is hot and the partying goes on all night. Lebron is clearly poised for greatness, and his talent and swagger, both on the court and off, has us watching his every move. With his soft voice, hazel eyes and intense acting style, Mr. Howard has become one of the most desirable and bankable leading men in Hollywood.

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This man was the epitome of style — that fine bald head, that deep sincere smile, that long toned frame — he made the ladies want to watch the game along with their men. LL has aged well, getting more buff as the years go by. His soft lips and hard body are to die for. His shoulder tattoo — set perfectly over a mound of bulging muscles — is the business! What makes Denzel Washington even sexier is his dedication to his wife and kids and his desire to give back. Denzel is the total package. Touch down! Laurence is a fine mix of beauty and brains, that strong jaw and those piercing eyes, complemented by that deep lush voice and… sorry, we need a minute!

Wade is one of the most talent ballers in the NBA these days, as well as one of the most handsome. The way he handles that basketball with such style and grace — his smoothness is undeniable. We love to see Dwayne dressed up in a suit — or down in some casual attire — heck, we love to just see him.

Being the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama carries himself with a special swagger and confidence that makes us melt. But what is really sexy about this man is his clear love for his wife and daughters — we love a family man! Morris Chestnut is a chocolate dream. Want handsome black strong jaw is topped only by the most beautiful lips a girl could ever hope to kiss. Plus, did you see those arms and pecs?

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Anybody for a glass of water? Those sexy brown eyes, that come-hither smile, the moustache — are we wrong for still swooning over this 70s leading man? Follow Us. Tyson Beckford is known for his sexy catwalk strut and his to-die-for lips! Pucker up, baby! Loading the player Tyrese is known for a few things, but his mega-watt smile always puts us in the mood! Elba for creating this foine specimen of a son. .

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