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Amanda Howard, Third avenue north, reporter, Telephone News for this must reach the reporter by Thursday of each week.

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Members of the City Federation nt Colored Women's clubs were hostesses, and received their guests in a setting oi spring now-ers. Visitors were escorted thrmieh the buildine. Registering guests wasMrs. Fannie A. Making guests welcome were Mrs. McRao federation president, and Mesdames Irene D. Beasley, Amanda Howard, v. Alice D. Assisting Mrs. Ponder was Mrs. Clara Moshaw Ponder. Seen chatting with friends were Dr. Lauffer and his daughter, Ml T? Mayor McCutcheon, Mr.

Stanley Minshall, Mrs. Coxhead and other Interested white friends. Amanda Howard and Miss Alzeta Hargray has been reported to the treasurer. He promptly returned it to her. As a reward he was given 50 cents, which he in turn donated to the federation. We are hoping to'have a brief statement by the president of the United ' States, also one by the president of the Fraternal Coun- cil of Negro Churches. In addition certain outstanding dramatists and musicians, such as Todd Duncan, J. Rosamond Johnson, and Canada Lee will participate. Appropriate religious and patriotic music will be presented by the de Paur Chorus and NBC orchestra, with a solo by one of our foremost singers.

Already we have received the endorsement of the Washington Ministers' alliances, the national officers of the Fraternal Council of Negro Churches, and the department of race relations of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. The show will also include added attractions on the screen. This promises to be one of the most thrilling gangster dramas shown locally.

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The picture includes an all star cast. As an added attraction on the day of showing there will be an unusual and Interesting lobby display of famous gangsters made from wax. Mamie Walker right of Detroit spent six weeks here as the guest of her sister, Mrs. Nell B. Williamson left Fifth avenue south.

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Hayden was formerly Miss Drucilla McLeod. Winner Smiling Leroy Curry Jr. Le-roy's oration was on "The Constitution of the United States.

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Miss Doris Griffin, Gibbs High senior, rep resented this city and district. Petersburg district Wednesday. Presid ing was Mrs. Heath, presiding elder of the district. The session opened at 11 a. Pinkie Graham, presiding. Childs of this city. Evelyn Bolden read a paper on "Light and uarKness in.

In the afternoon. Jones presided. The inspirational period was conducted by Mesdames R. Williams, J. Sanders and M. A study of the bylaws and constitution of the society was conducted by Mrs. A duet was sung by Mesdames L. Jones and Blissoe Thomas. Blye and Mrs. Griffin spoke briefly. At the evening session, Mrs.

Ruth Hall, superintendent of the young peoples' department, pre sided. Music was furnished by the Junior choir of Moores Chapel church. Evelyn Williams de livered a short talk and the missionary study course was held.

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The Misses O. Mclin and Rosa L. Snell also appeared on the pro gram. At the close of the session. Heath was presented with a gift and flowers by women of the district. The executive board is asked to meet promptly at 8 o clock.

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The program will consist of negro spirituals, classic and semi-classical selections. Zion Baotlst church. Union street south, has taken on new life under the direction of the Rev. Last Sun day the pastor preached from the theme, The Beautiful Gate. Broxton was elected a general di rector. Joseph Brown, Third avenue south. Many parties have been given in his honor, with ; Mrs. Catherine Bryant entertaining at a buffet luncheon Wednesday and Mr.

Florida Baptist association, preached an inspiring sermon. Zion AME church met a the home of Mrs. Naomi Curington, Ninth avenue south, Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Lessie Holmes presiding. Visits Mother ' I Mrs. Lillian Murray, and her brother, Joseph Murray. Led by local Sons of American Legion drum corps in charge of Charlie Tutson, leader, and followed by the drill corps of women from Miami, the affair was beauti ful.

An attractive feature of the pa rade was the local juvenile Elks who wore white satin uniforms with yellow capes and bonnets. They were followed by the Gibbs high school band, witn stepping majorettes wno wore rea, wnixe and blue satin uniforms for the occasion.

Drill corps from Clearwater, Jacksonville, Eustis and Daytona Beach, along with individual decorated cars from local business places and schools, made the pa rade one of the most spectacular ever held here. Grand Exalted Ruler J. Finley Wilson of Washington led the parade. Sunday services, a. Tomlln, pastor. Sunday school. Primitive Baptist Rev. Sunday services, 11 a. Brayboy, pastor. Sunday services. Moore's Chapel, 1MB Rev.

Tysop, pastor. M Royster.

Twentyfirst St. Petersburg Florida girls personals

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