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Elaine Temple Waddell Adair.

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I was in transition to my new job as Senior Associate Director of Athletics at the University of Arkansas and was inspired by a variety of things going on in my life - a new opportunity in the SEC … re-engaging my first professional love in broadcasting via the launching of the SEC Networkand most of all, a phone conversation with my Mother, Elaine Temple Waddell Adair. One thing about my Mom, she always encouraged me to be creative, and put me in situations that were incubators for those tendencies to reveal themselves.

From beginning drumming lessons at the age of 6, to encouraging me to learn how to use a new computer called a Macintosh, all the way to listening to countless hours of sports broadcasts over the web when I was a young play by play announcer at UNC, UVa and on to Appalachian State and Army. Back to … and that phone chat. Mom knew that I enjoyed my work in Telephone chat Waddell athletics, but she also knew that I was, and still am, a personality that needs a frenetic pace and a lot of work all around me to make me feel content. I thrive on action, lots of different projects, and the ability to look ahead to what could be and make it happen.

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Well, logo 1. Good thing the owner is a better listener that the version, meaning I asked for help a few months ago. He asked when I needed it, and I said, could I get it back in 48 hours? He laughed and said no problem.

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Again, as I wrote earlier, the owner is sometimes the worst client. The one thing I really wanted was the color scheme… black and white. Easy to replicate.

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You cannot mess up black and white. One of the constants of my career has been branding projects.

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So I have that going for me, which is nice. Fun stuff. It speaks to what we will deliver to our clients….

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With Brian Hutchinson and Dr. If nothing else is ever said about me as a professional, it should be noted that I surround myself with the best people, and always have. That does not happen without our staff working together and being thoughtful in our approach with the prospective client.

Blog What about the logo?

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The Edgy B. The 2.

Telephone chat Waddell

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