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Send feedback. The No Subject Podcast. Just a few friends discussing anything and everything from movies, music, news, random thoughts, and much, much more. Nothing is off limits. The goal is to entertain and make the listener feel like part of the group. You might like it, you might not. We think our random conversations can be entertaining, and we hope you end up feeling the same way. Each episode will feature a special guest who will bring their unique perspective on life to our conversations. We want to be light, funny, and mostly entertaining by letting you into our lives and our random thoughts about every day subjects.

No script, no plan, no structure.

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Welcome to The No Subject Podcast. Available episodes. Oct 24, NSP 18 : She is the Look! Skylar Hansford.

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Our favorite burlesque dancer returns for another fun filled episode. Topics include Siri accents, sitcoms, sharks, Twilight, fondue, Jewish tradition, the Space Needle, flannel, divorce, the dating scene, and how sex sells! All that and plenty more with Chelsea, Bryan, and Skylar. Oct 10, Season 2 has arrived!

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Jun 26, Chad Bowman. Mar 26, A winter show about nothing! Happy VD! Loaded episode about nothing! Ancestry, radio als from space, not enough babies, garbage disposals, home ownership sucks, showering after a bath, hot tubs, Brandon always hurts himself, bird box challenge, the internet will be our downfall, boy bands, Lego addiction, Star Wars, snowmobiling, cures for hiccups, sour candy, weird food combos, pulp in orange juice, … Continue reading : Double F, Double L, ft. Jan 22, Lucky episode 13! Jan 11, Skylar returns for more sex talk to prep for her future, yet to be named, podcast.

We discuss fetishes, fantasies, robots, sex education and more. Dec 15, Vada returns, even without David Spade for a fun filled eleventh episode!

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We recap Thanksgiving as well as talk about a variety of things including; grocery store crop dusting, body odor, parent shaming, knowing your coworkers favorite position, Christmas movies, the dating game, Ancestry, roadkill, Christmas cookies, advent calendars, cooked vegetables, Christmas songs, Queen, seeing … Continue reading : This Ever Happen To You Guys?

Dec 9, The big day arrived, and the Chicken Fucker himself, Kevin Souzasaurus Rex ed the gang to talk about nothing. Drinks were shared, and not much got accomplished. That only makes the episode more entertaining.

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From finding out who the Souzasaurus is, to various discussions around sex, guns, and more random crap. Nov 7, We think we are ok, and we appreciate you not turning us off. Oct 22, Dean Giles. Who, some pretty heated coffee Sex dating in Hansford see what we did there? October is here and with that comes some ghost stories and some creepy tales. Sunshine s us for the first time and shares with us some of her favorites. She is after all, one that regularly has creepy movie nights and even invents drinking games to accompany them.

Oct 2, No official guest this week, but we are surprised towards the end when Carlee and Ian show are sent over from the bar and they make the last 20 minutes ridiculous fun. Sep 25, A little outside the box for even us, but this episode is loaded with fun and great information on subjects some are uncomfortable talking about. With Burlesque performer, Skylar Hansford, we talk the usual laminated lists, and continue the never ending debate over hot dogs as sandwiches. Sep 20, Vada Morrison.

After the extended absence, Bryan, Andrew, and Chelsea return with a special guest to discuss but not limited to, the following topics…. Jul 19, She le us to a laminated list discussion that brings up all sorts of names and opinions. Jul 12, We got picked up for a whole season!!! Not really, we have no idea how long this will last. As long as we are having fun, we keep putting out content. What came up this week?

Jul 4, The maiden voyage of the podcast about nothing.

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Featuring Chelsea as our special guest. What comes up?

Sex dating in Hansford

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