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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. At the outset, I am thankful to Dr. Ajit Bhide for being so kind and liberal in giving my introduction. I wish to express my deep appreciation to both of them for leading our society very successfully through troublesome waters with exemplary firmness, conviction, and courage.

I am grateful to everyone who wished, voted, and supported me and my campaign to contest for the post of vice president cum president elect. This election was the most special for me as this was the first fully online contested election in the history of Indian Psychiatric Society IPSand I will be more than humbled to digest this precious pie of becoming the first online elected president of the IPS.

I express heartfelt gratitude to all the fellows and members of IPS for bestowing upon me the responsibility of the office of president of IPS. I am sure that your blessings and guidance will help me to do justice to the confidence conferred on me. My interest in psychiatry was sparked in when a close friend of mine fell in love with a lady 15 year elder than him. I was shocked and surprised to know this. I performed my duty as a good friend, but, instead of leaving her, he left me. I was trying to find out the reasons for the same and came across the book Three Essays on Sexuality by Sigmund Freud.

I came Sex dating in Fithian know about Oedipus complex and decided to step in to psychiatry with special interest on sex, love, and relationships. My journey begun in Sex is the subject on which ancient and modern literature is available in almost all the languages.

As per the Hindu mythology, Brahma the creator of being created men and women and in the form of commandments in one hundred thousand chapters, laid down rules for regulating their existence with regard to Dharm, Arth, Kama, and Moxa. Dharma — ifies behaviors that include duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues, and right way of living[ 5 ]. Artha — Incorporates wealth, career, and activity to make a living; financial security; and economic prosperity. Kama — ifies desire, wish, passion, Sex dating in Fithian, pleasure of the senses, the esthetic enjoyment of life, affection, or love, with or without sexual connotations.

Moksha — ifies emancipation, liberation, or release. Figure 1 shows a Kamasutra manuscript preserved in the vaults of the Raghunatha Hindu temple in Jammu and Kashmir. Commandments related to kama were compiled by Nandi in chapters[ 13 ].

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Babhravya of Panchala — South Delhi now, abridged it in chapters, in seven parts. Seven different authors expounded each part separately. Vatsayana AD compiled this work in a small volume, namely, Kamasutra. Vatsyayana[ 16 ] was the most famous Hindu philosopher in the world who is believed to have lived during time of the Gupta Empire in India.

It is considered the most authentic work in the study of sexual activity and has been translated into several foreign languages. Unlike the gluttony of the Western civilization or Barbarism of the Middle East, Indians stressed on moderation. The Kama Sutra Sanskrit: is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life.

Although written between BC and AD, the most widely known English translation of the Kamasutra was privately printed in But unfortunately, in 17 th century the Britishers invaded India and brought obscenity with them hence sex education was discontinued. Even teenagers were deprived of knowledge about anatomy and physiology of their Sex organs[ 22 ].

When girls started menstruation, they were never explained the physiological aspects behind it. This is what I have concluded after reading several thousand letters at least per month to my sex education columns in Gujarati and English dailies and news magazines from to From my own clinical observations, I feel that a large of incidences of clinical problems, scholastic underachievement, anxiety, depression, marital maladjustments, broken homes, divorce, and other marital illnesses could have been prevented if proper sex education would have been provided to the child, adolescents, youth, and married couples.

Myths about semen, nocturnal emission, and loosing Dhat in sleep or passing it in urine are considered as disease. Semen is considered the most precious fluid. Myths about menstruation, size of the breast, virginity, orgasm, infertility, and sex of the. Oral contraceptive pill causes cancer, Copper T le to profuse menstruation, and vasectomy Sex dating in Fithian to impotence.

Truth: It is in Bollywood, not all sex is romantic, mutual, functional, and satisfying. Truth: Romantic love is fragile, it seldom lasts more than 2 years, starts decreasing after 6 months. Truth: No, its intimacy that includes emotional closeness, trust, affection, sensuality, arousal, and bonding. Myth: Sexual desire is something you are born with which cannot be changed. People with low desire are deficient or abnormal. Men are supposed to be sexual experts and initiators.

Truth: Sexual desire is complex and has many dimensions; it can be facilitated and strengthened or damaged and destroyed. Before 40 years when I came to the field of psychiatry, sexual medicine was dominated by quacks. More than articles were written about sex education by me. The Times followed it in the late nineties. I have arranged more than public lectures and seminars about sex education in schools and colleges in different parts of Gujarat. In addition, I have published books and DVDs. Many of my friends have done similar work in different parts of the country.

The first National Conference of Sexology was organized at Ahmedabad in With pioneers in this field like Dr. Mahinder Watsa, Dr. Bhatt, Dr. Vitthal Prabhu, Dr. Sex dating in Fithian Reddy, Dr. Raj Brahmbhatt, and me self-started the academic journey. Later on, Dr. In Indian Journal of Psychiatrya large of articles are printed on sex education and sexual dysfunctions. Late Prof.

Wig, Prof.

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Agrawal, Prof. Health-care professionals often lack the knowledge themselves that impacts upon imparting information to the adolescent, adults, and old-age couples who seek it[ 23 ]. Often, comprehensive sexual histories are not taken, and sexual health is not openly discussed due to cultural and traditional norms in the society[ 24 ].

Incorrect information Sex dating in Fithian the potential to create misunderstanding in the youth, making them less likely to adopt healthy practices and attitudes toward sex, enabling them to maintain lifelong sexual health[ 25 ]. Often, psychiatrists who frequently prescribe psychotropics do not ask patients about their sexual health.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training initiated sex education; they structured it as a part of the existing studies, rather than a separate subject. However, teachers tried to avoid teaching the topic. A school in Gujarat implemented a system where students could anonymously drop letters into a box for trained counselors to read[ 27 ]. After years of debate and persuasion inwhen sex education curriculum was promoted by the Union Ministry of Human Resources and Development, controversy developed[ 2829 ]. Opponents argued that sex education in schools and colleges will lead to sexual experimentation.

Sex education at any stage will lead to morally liberated and sexually corrupt society. In Aprila Parliamentary committee had disfavored introduction of sex education in schools and suggested inclusion of appropriate chapters in biology syllabus. It did not teach the student to differentiate between right and wrong, proper and improper, beautiful and ugly, healthy and unhealthy, and the beauty Sex dating in Fithian relationships and responsible sexual, reproductive behavior.

Parents are often reluctant to teach accurate and relevant information about sex to adolescents because of the stigma associated with the topic. More than taboo, mothers especially feel like talking about sex is embarrassing and dirty. Surveys have shown that adolescents learn a ificant amount about sex from the media, including books and movies, social media, and porn sites, which are inaccurate and do not help in emotional growth or responsible adulthood.

The online series — Sex Education — has been praised for not treating its young characters in a patronizing tone, but rather treating them as real humans grappling their emotional and physical transition in life. We need more such subtle depictions with our cultural point of view without making such a series a sloppy sex comedy. Such a series which is written and directed scientifically by a professional body like IPS is the need of the hour.

The famous cricketers talking vulgar and demeaning words for females is lack of sex education. I am referring to the recent uproar of Coffee with Karan Show. The Me Too movement has generated the much-needed discussion about inappropriate sexual behavior and what constitutes consent to any sexual encounter. This will involve conversations about the building blocks of respect for both men and women.

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Consent will become the most part of sex education after this landmark and eye-opening social media event. Sexuality education starts right from birth in the form of giving correct training and answers to the child about the reproductive and sex life curiosity in the way they can accept and understand. The person who is comfortable with his or her own sexuality should only give sexuality education to children.

If you are not, first be and then educate. Based on typical cognitive, emotional, behavioral, physical, and sexual development for a particular age group.

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What should I do? His anus! Ummm… help? This has to be stopped, right?

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Young children love exploring the human body, whether it be their own or their mom's or siblings', etc. Babies start out touching eyes and noses and move on to other parts as they discover them. And you know what that means?

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Genitals are no different. Hence, if your toddler is feeling her vulva during a diaper change or stretching his penis in the bathtub, it is all about figuring out what those parts do.

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Infants play with genitals when feel neglected, to derive pleasure, and to overcome insecurity. Don't worry, genital exploration among young kids is not sexual per SE. There are just millions of nerve endings that make genitals more sensitive than other body parts. During infancy, toddlerhood, and early childhood, genital arousal is recognized by the brain as comfort by releasing endorphins. It is not triggering the sexual response cycle.

However, at some point during childhood, and certainly during puberty, genital arousal does trigger the sexual response cycle to prepare the body for orgasm. Parents might react with fear Sex dating in Fithian disgust by gasping, yelling, or swiping a hand away which sends the message that the child is wrong or there is something wrong with them. Masturbation at any age is normal, causes no physical harm, poses no risk for disease, releases endorphins, and promotes a sense of self-connection.

I realize and respect that there are religious beliefs that are staunchly against any masturbation of any kind. If you hold these beliefs, I challenge you to remain positive as you approach this topic with your child because sexual shaming is damaging and is not easily overcome. Bottom line, shaming around sexuality creates an association of pleasure with guilt and shame, which you can imagine creates all sorts of sexual problems throughout adulthood regardless of abstinence beliefs and practices. As long as you remain calm and caring, simply not acknowledging the touch during a diaper change, nakey time, or bath time is a great approach.

It sends the message that this type of touching is no big deal which sets the tone of approachability for future conversations about bodies and sex. Acknowledge that anuses, vaginas, penises, nipples, etc.

Sex dating in Fithian

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Sex, love, and relationships: My journey of 40 years