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Seventy-five years ago two big things were happening in Henderson. But another noteworthy change was the widespread adoption of concrete blocks as building material. Francele Armstrong began her Gleaner column of June 23,talking about that. There is scarcely a spot of ground that is not the scene of construction.

In fact, we have been told that Henderson probably has more building going on for its size than any other town in the country.

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We doubt that it has even slowed it up. This is the age of the concrete block. But if concrete blocks were marking a new phase of construction, she wrote, the plastics industry was drawing back the curtain on a new type of manufacturing. More: Boyett: Local option election in Union County in ended in strange twist.

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Both of the originals are no longer around. Kusan sold its plant to Aeroquip in and dissolved in mid More: Boyett: Henderson man searched in vain for success with a pimple cream. More: Boyett: Civil service system and department store began in June It was located at Fourth St. But it looks nothing like it did originally. By mid it had been enlarged three times and four additional times byat which time another plant on South Main Street was added.

Originally there were only five employees. At the time Armstrong visited, the plant had more than 50 and was running three shifts a day, seven days a week. By the factory employed about In several other ways employees were well treated, she wrote. The initial products Tri-State Plastic produced were novelty items used to advertise a specific business, such as pocketbook frames, picture frames, compacts, clothes pins, and letter openers.

The company had salesmen strung out across the country in major cities and did its own distribution. Other than the novelty items, Tri-State Plastic had two standard products. One was a baby rattle that looked like a colorful Seeking raw Spottsville Kentucky. It rattled because there were a few kernels of corn in each one. The other was a toy speedboat that was powered by mixing soda and vinegar in a compartment at the rear.

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The resulting gas was channeled through a tiny hole to power the boat. But the company also made parts for the Servel refrigerator plant across the river, and by it was making 54 different parts for Servel.

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Gibbs, of course, but his partner who bought him out in was Pat Buckley of Chicago. The Buckley Manufacturing Co. Kusan got its start with Army surplus material — which seems appropriate because all four of the founders were veterans of World War II: President William R. Horion of Atlanta; Secretary-Treasurer C. Horner of Nashville; and Arnold Brown of Chicago. You might say they started on a shoe string, but it would be more accurate to call it a parachute ripcord.

They wound up deing a belt of colorful plastic squares held together with the former parachute material. It was just going into production when Armstrong visited the plant on Fifth Street next door to the Soy Bean Cooperative. A second product Kusan initially made was a plastic top with former ripcord used to set it spinning. It replaced high schools in Spottsville, Niagara and Corydon and served as a high school untilwhen it was converted into what is now North Middle School.

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The park commissioners were seeking ideas for how it could best be displayed. The field gun had been donated July 12,at the request of U. Stanley and had been stored at the downtown fire station. The state Highway Department responded, according to the June 27 Gleaner, saying it had already looked at the traffic al and lighting situations, and concluded they were not necessary. The Henderson City-County Planning Commission forged ahead with proposed changes in regulating manufactured homes, despite pleas from an industry representative to delay action, according to The Gleaner of June 19, The proposed change would make manufactured homes a conditional use in agricultural zones, which means placement in those areas requires approval of the county Board of Zoning Adjustment.

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Seeking raw Spottsville Kentucky

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