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Straight guys with gay friends do you? Most Liked Posts. But I can see that he will hug me more then his other straight friend, and kiss me in the chick sometimes. And at two occasion he put his hand on my ass and crab it lol But that was nothing sexual, he is just cool with his sexuality and he is very confortable with the fact that I'm gay or bi. Gecko4lif Sexy Member. ed: Jul 27, Posts: 8 Likes Received: 2.

I have a couple of gay friends and I don't think I treat them any differently than my straight friends. I do tend to stand up for them a little more though. I am bisexual and had a really good friend in college who was Gay. We hung out a lot - did everything together - movies, swimming, homework, etc, but we never had sex. We were Great friends but did not want to have sex with each other- we were just not attracted to each other that way.

I am married with kids and he and I are still great friends. The kids and wife love him too and he is out. He and I discussed it once and decided that having sex might ruin our great friendship. I do remember getting this guy once and I took the back and he took the front and worked this guy over really good - but that was all we did. My friend said "boy you are agressive" and I said yep - and he just laughed. We would always look and guys and discuss how they looked and how they might be in bed but we never fooled around with each other.

Among my straight male friends I have 3 really great guys. One,K, is very sweet and everyone loves him. He known that Im gay as long as we have known each other and we give full on hugs and tell each other that we love each other openly in public or at work. So people think he is gay but he really isnt. He has even seen me naked plenty of times and we are still really good friends. Another friend, R, is a real mans man. I was worried about coming out to him bc people said he was homophbic but that wasnt true.

Hes cool, like the brother I never had. Also does nice Seeking friendsgaybi str8 for me. I let him borrow my car once and he brought me food when he came back. Just a really nice thing. He picks me up and we punch each other a lot.

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Funny cause he is a muscle guy and im well, not haha. Then the other is a co-worker that really take care of me and is just nice. ed: Jun 11, Posts: 8, Likes Received: I don't care who you sleep with, I don't want to know about your bedroom business. I tell all friends, gay, bi, straight that fact. Don't talk about sex to me. First, why does the guy have to treat all of his cousins alike?

He might have a particularly close affection for some and not for others. Perhaps he has always been close to this cousin. His level of affection is Seeking friendsgaybi str8 a constant. I don't treat anyone alike in my life. I have two kids The treatment is perhaps subtle but it is different. They respond to different things, enjoy different things, laugh at different things.

The idea of treating people 'the same' is foreign to me. As long as I treat others with respect, I can be dynamically different in my approach to them. Maybe this guy is the same.

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ed: Oct 6, Posts: 3, Likes Received: I have a couple of gay friends, and I don't greet them any differently than my straight friends. You learn pretty early on in a friendship if they're the type who want a handshake, a high-five, or a hug when you say hello. Virtually all of my male friends -- gay or straight -- are huggers, so I greet them all that way. I do notice that a couple of my friends don't hug so much as they come in and pat you hard on the shoulder a few times.

The gay friend makes a joke about getting a chub when we hug, so I yell "A-frame! Well, Dee, you do hug me 'n' squeeze me 'n' love me like a great big ol' teddy bear--virtually. Don't you? NCbear who's amused by the pick up 'n' spin around deal :tongue. I know I get treated differently by straight friends But I also treat straight friends differently than gay friends.

I don't understand what more there really is to explain. ed: Aug 30, Posts: 5, Likes Seeking friendsgaybi str8 If I felt any friend of mine treated me differently because I am Gay they wouldn't be a friend of mine any more. I treat all of my friends as individuals, and they are my friends because I love and respect them as an individual and they love and respect me as an individual too. With my acquaintances the situation is somewhat more fluid but I'm less concerned about the nuances of the interactions I have with them so I probably notice their behaviour less.

I've always loved the subtle differences in the way straight guy friends do that are never spoken of. I realize that many gay men wouldn't care for that whatsoever, but Seeking friendsgaybi str8 love it. For straight men that are comfortable with who I am and who they are it's really very nice after thinking back to boys in school who were taught by their own ignorant fathers and their father before them to think I'm sick and depraved.

It's especially refreshing when these guys who are half my age. Love it! I still consider it a small part of the overall person. None of my friends are as cuddly as you, bear. Padad7 Cherished Member. Interesting thread. I'd say yes and it has nothing to do with steering the conversation to show tunes. Living in Europe, I have to say that I was quite shocked initially about all of the "air" kissing going on. I have also noticed that sometimes, and quite inexplicably, my straight friends will "air" kiss me upon meeting in a group but only give handshakes to the other str8 guys.

It has gotten to the point that I will actually shoot my hand out to get a handshake before they get too close. DiabloBoi Loved Member. In my experience, I have had dozens of str8 male friends who are intimate with me, in ways they aren't with our other str8 friends. Hugging, neck and back massages, sexual innuendos, playful dick grabs, making a farting noise while sticking their finger in my butt, etc.

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In the end, I think it's just a different level of horseplay. Str8 guys talk with each other about women, and I think that the horseplay is their way of relating to their gay friends. Like letting me know that they like me, and they're comfortable with me and they don't care about my sexuality. I also find it cute when they are curious, and ask questions about what it's like being Seeking friendsgaybi str8 gay man. No difference in my approach. Most of my straight friends are more physical than my gay friends. Aside from a hug when I see them, I'm not very affectionate with my gay friends because they sexualize everything.

My straights friends don't feel that way, and they can be physically affectionate with me and not have it be sexual in nature. I know where things stand between us. I have dinner with one of my friends and his wife. When we meet, he gives me a big hug, lifts me off the ground and kisses me on the cheek. I also know he doesn't want to fuck me. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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Seeking friendsgaybi str8

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