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He said he committed armed robbery at age 15 and was charged as an adult. He was arrested three years ago for allegedly dealing drugs. But he can vote. Governor Phil Murphy late last year ed legislation into law that allows former criminals, like Montgomery, on probation or parole to register and vote.

Montgomery is among the 80, people whose voting rights were restored as a result of the new law. Stewart pictured, right held the clipboard while Montgomery filled out the form on 10 th Avenue. Stewart is a Democrat who serves as chief attorney for Newark. He did not engage Montgomery in political discussion. He had told the 30 volunteers, who were part of the caravan to register voters in high crime parts of Paterson, not to engage in political debates during a pep talk at the Vreeland Triangle, where the group met to begin their campaign. Stewart told the volunteers their goal is to get people registered not to fight or argue over presidential candidates.

Stewart had him complete the form before the October 13 deadline for registrations. Montgomery said he watched the vice presidential debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. He said he was impressed by Harris. He is looking forward to receiving his mail-in ballot to cast his vote on November 3 rdhe said. Stewart and the volunteers Paterson man wants six spots in Paterson. Her group was part of the effort to register former convicts. Fulmore said laptops, gift cards, and food store cards would be raffled at a block party on Presidential Boulevard. Stewart said a lot of formerly incarcerated people have children who attend public schools.

Stewart said some of the people who he met on the streets said they were not aware of the new law that allows them to vote. He had been convicted of federal drug offenses. Martinez started voting before the new law Paterson man wants passed. He has registered about a dozen people on parole or probation after the new law came into effect, he said.

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Bre Azanedo, a volunteer, registered year-old Mikuel Martinez, not related to the other Martinez. He was walking by the Vreeland Triangle when Azanedo approached him. But I always wanted to. : [ protected].

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IQ tests should be a prerequisite to voting. These morons obviously have no idea how bad Senile Joe and Kamalhoe would be for this country. Says the moron lol. They can't be too bright, look at the shape Paterson is in. The dummies in my town vote for competent officials which is why we idiots don't live in a shithole like the geniuses in Paterson like you.

Qayyum Montgomery and councilwoman Ruby Cotton.

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Sharing Twitter Facebook this article Print this article. Tags Ruby Cotton. Related posts. Be careful what you wish for. From your comments the IQ test might disqualify you! You're wasting your time with these idiots they've been brainwashed too thoroughly.

Paterson man wants

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