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Read the Review. During the early and mids, Emily's correspondence to Susan is effusive and filled with puns and references to the act of writing. The first letter that is preserved from Emily to Susan is dated While it is not certain how Emily and Susan met, it is likely that they were friends by or In an letter to Susan, Emily's brother Austin remarks on the Thanksgiving and expresses his happiness when Emily and their sister Lavinia Vinnie asked Susan's "family into the circle which had for two or three years been gradually forming.

The boundaries of the correspondence from Emily to Susan are defined by what Susan saves rather than by what Emily writes, and it is likely that Emily sends letters to Susan that have not survived. Perhaps Susan begins to keep letters from Emily following the death of her sister Mary, in childbirth.

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Or Susan may save Emily's letters when she begins to keep letters from Austin. In the early years of the correspondence, between andSusan moves to Baltimore to teach at Robert Archer's school for gifts. Her decision to go away is sudden, and she writes to her brother Dwight, declaring that she has left her "good friends in Amherst actually staring with astonishment. Emily's and Susan's impatience and resentment of household duties are nearly identical.

While Emily sends Susan passionate and playful letters, Austin formally courts Susan, and Emily secretly delivers his letters to her "Darling Sue. Although Emily "loves the opportunity to serve those who are mine," she writes to Susan in markedly shaky handwriting, identifying with Miss Julia Mills in David Copperfieldwhom Dickens describes as "interested in others' loves, herself withdrawn.

The intellectual intimacy between Emily and Susan begins in the early years of their relationship. In her letters to Susan, Emily frequently refers to the novels she is reading and uses various characters as metaphors or codes to relate her feelings about herself and Susan, and comment about friends, relatives, and literary and political luminaries and events. On the return rail trip from Manchester on Wednesday, March 23, Susan arrives in Boston for a tryst with Austin at the Revere Hotel, and the couple becomes engaged. I guess we are very good friends tho', and I guess we both love [S]us[ie] just as well as we can.

In another letter written several weeks later beginning, "Do you want to hear from me, Austin? Emily asks Austin, "How long it is since you've been in this state of complacence towards God and our fellow men? She hopes that he has "enjoyed" "sanctuary privileges. They arrive on April 7, and stay for several weeks.

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At this time, Susan lives with Emily, in the company of John Graves, a cousin from nearby Sunderland, who is attending Amherst College. In mid-April, Susan writes to Mary Bartlett saying, "I am keeping house with Emily, while the family are in Washington -- We frighten each other to death nearly every night -- with that exception, we have very independent times. Three months later, Susan becomes seriously ill with "nervous fever. Austin, now graduated from Harvard Law School and admitted to the bar, prepares to seek his fortune in the West.

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In a letter mapping out her travel plans Susan tells her brother, "I have always felt so like the idea of really being married seems absurd enough and if the event ever occurs I think I shall experience a feeling of odd surprise --". So you will not suspect me of having interfered with your epistolary intercourse with her.

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In the letters that follow, Emily and Susan are in their early twenties. Though Emily's feelings of love, desire, and longing for Susan have often been dismissed as a "school-girl crush," the letters resonate with intelligence, humor, and intimacy that cannot be reduced to adolescent flurry. In this letter Emily refers to Susan's sister Mary, who died on July 14, In December, Susan's sister Martha "Matty" came from Michigan, and the Gilbert family was temporarily reconstituted in the Amherst home of their eldest sister Harriet.

The allusion to "Alice" is to Alice Archer of Longfellow's Kavanagh whose room is "that columbarium lined with warmth, and softness, and silence. Susan is now teaching in Baltimore and Emily writes to her frequently.

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Ik Marvel's Donald G. Both books celebrate romantic passion and emotional attachment. In an October 1 letter to Austin, every allusion to "Susie" is erased. Throughout Emily's letters to Susan, she combines a language of courtly love with terms of spiritual devotion. InSusan's daughter Martha Dickinson Bianchi described her Aunt Emily in the Atlantic Monthlysaying: "Her devotion to those she loved was that of a knight for his lady.

The quote "into each life some rain must fall" is from Longfellow's "The Rainy Day," a poem that Emily and Susan shared with their friends. Precious stones and gold, love's riches, and Susan herself as a jewel become a pattern of imagery that continues throughout Emily's poetry. Her lamentation that she has no "sweet sunset to gild a for you" may refer to Emily's inability to use gilt-edged stationery to make a gift of her writing.

In the margin on the secondEmily refers to Emeline Kellogg and her future husband, Henry Nash. A letter to Austin written at the same time is mutilated when referring to "Susie. The reference to "Emerald" distinguishes Mrs. Mack, an Irish woman who works in the Dickinson household, from members of the family of Deacon David Mack. Emily mentions her friend Emily Fowler, and in the margin, she refers to Joseph Lyman, a friend of Emily's and Lavinia's.

In Emily's caricatures of friends as literary celebrities, she seems to pun on the names of Alexander Pope and a near-contemporary Scottish divine. In the margins of this letter, Emily also refers to the March 30,death of her aunt Mary Newman, Edward Dickinson's sister.

Emily refers to the New Testament: "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

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Just four months earlier, Susan had sent Austin a Valentine that included a private joke referring to another young man's gift of chestnuts to Susan, a gift that Susan and Austin ate together. Soon the word in Amherst was that "Austin D. ISBN:

Open me if you want to live

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