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By Kelcie Grega. Often characterized as an adult playground, Las Vegas has a reputation as a destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other debaucherous getaways. One of the most famous dancers to come out of Vegas was Annie Ample. She moved to Southern Nevada in and eventually became a featured stripper around the world.

Even the city of sin has its limits, especially when it comes to nudity. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Aden Ocampo-Gomez said when it comes to indecent exposure arrests, there has to be a victim.

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The victim could be anyone in proximity to the offense who reports it to law enforcement. Officers also consider intent, Ocampo-Gomez said.

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In other words, a man can be penalized for having an erection, according to Pariente. Entertainers along the Strip and Fremont Street can get around this rule by wearing pasties. A large part of what exotic entertainment earns is from drink sales, he said. While exotic dancing is legal in the Valley and along the Strip, it's not a free-for-all and is regulated just as any other state.

If a business serves alcohol, dancers cannot be fully nude, according to state statute.

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This also applies to shows in the city and along the Strip. Topless clubs may have s to serve alcohol. In Nevada, indecent exposure or obscenity is considered a sex crime. Depending on the circumstances, defendants can be prosecuted on both indecent exposure and gross lewdness charges, which refers to sexual acts.

Both crimes carry the same penalties. A court can also order indecent exposure defendants to register as sex offenders at the Tier I level. Tier I offenders are not searchable by the public unless the offense involves. Las Vegas Defense Group Attorneys outline the following scenarios in which an arrest can be made:. Male vs. Did you know? InMetro made nudity-related arrests and issued nudity-related citations.

Nevada naked women

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Nevada County police blotter: Naked woman reported walking down road