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Having acquired the phone for review, from our unboxingwe noticed that it has slight improvements and upgrades compared to its predecessor, the HOT 9 Play. De, Build and Display Infinix smartphone de is literally the same. Usually there are no much changes when it comes to de comparing to its predecessors as well as other Infinix smartphones. The de has the power and volume buttons appear at side-right and 2-in-1 card slot that houses two 4G Nano-SIMs and a microSD card simultaneously on the side-left. And finally on the de, the fingerprint sensor appears at the back rear-mounted next to a dual-rear cameras.

At the front is a water-drop notch which houses the front camera. The notch is not hardware, as it can be removed in the settings if the user does not want it to appear, thus it is a software feature on the phone. The colors are saturated giving the user a better viewing experience especially when it is entertainment. Under direct sunlight, the brightness is sufficient to comfortably read text.

The body build is a glass front, plastic back and plastic frame —has thin bezels giving more space for the display.

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The back end has a glossy finish that make it appear shinny, thus making the color pop out very well, and appear reflective. Software, Performance and Battery This is where the most fun is, as well the key selling points of the phone. We did notice a few lags mostly when the phone was running out of battery. However, the phone handled multitasking an heavy gaming fairly. On its power to offer good and stable performance, it comes with 6GB of RAM which plays a role of giving a relatively smooth smartphone experience. The XOS 7 interface is inspired by the green aurora of Iceland —a revolutionary visual interface with smarter interaction, according to Infinix.

The key selling point is the battery. A non-removable 6,mAh Li-Po battery that comes with an impressive Power Marathon Technology which is able to give user more usage at even a low battery. On charging, since the phone does not support fast charge, charging is a bit slow thus, we recommend letting the phone charging through the night as you go to bed. When used minimal, it can last up to 2 and half days on a single charge and for heavy usage, can take a day and a half on a single charge.

Both cameras are able to shoot videos in full HD, p at 30 frames per second. Thus, you able to get some good cinematic shoots. The cameras produce average and decent photos but Need some hot play worth posting on social media and with a few edits, they can appear much better. Shots taken are decent, with fairly good details, sharpness and colors.

Close-ups had good details as long as there was ample light, but we noticed that the highlights get blown out when shooting under much light.

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Portrait mode does a decent job thanks for its blur capability. Photos shot in low light had weak details and exposure was generally poor unless there was enough light around. Light is an essential subject for this. Fingerprint and FaceID This is a feature on almost every smartphone today. Setting up both features takes about a minute if done well. Unlike the FaceID, the fingerprint can be used to unlock apps as well. The fingerprint sensor is rear-mounted and is fast so you can unlock your phone in a matter of micro-seconds.

No much changes compared to its predecessor but produces better. With its average performance, a clean user interface thanks to its XOS upgrade, Power Marathon Technology for the battery, and its affordability, the phone can appear of a recommended list. Infinix HOT 10 Play is a decent and minimalist smartphone. User Rating: 3. Nathan Ernest Olupot He's just another technology reporter.

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