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City guide ratings explained. Hash slightly cheaper. Typically sold in 5g bags. Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia. It is also one of the most multi-cultural and pleasant capitals in Western Europe. The old town is charming, the pubs are buzzing and the locals are exceptionally friendly. It is the upgraded version of Oslo…prettier, cheaper, and with better nightlife. Highly recommended. Appearance : Over-rated. Swedish girls are marketed as the best looking girls in the world.

However, the truth is, ethnic Swedes are only slightly above average. The talent is higher than Norway and most central and western European counties, but Slavic women are hotter. Their average height is cm 5 ft 5 in —one inch shorter than their counterparts in Norway.

Average weight is Wide hips and a bit of extra padding around the thighs are mid-section are the norm. As for the blonde thing, the majority of Swedish girls are in fact light brunettes. Finland has more. Girls dress quite hipsterish and not very feminine.

Tattoos and facial piercing are common.

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All that said, the top tier of Swedish girls are fucking gorgeous. Demographics: There are slightly more women than men. Apart from a sizeable Finnish population, the largest of these groups are as follows: Iraqi, Polish 72,Former Yugoslav 70,Iranians 63, and Bosnian 59, Other large immigrant groups are people from Somalia, Turkey and Thailand.

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Attitudes: Sweden is considered the most feminist country on earth. They also have the highest divorce rate in the world. Women are not shamed for sleeping around and have no hang ups with one night stands. A large proportion of them are on the pill. Gaming Strategy: First things first, nearly everybody speaks fluent English.

The girls are pretty receptive, too. For day game, I recommend you take a stroll on Queen Street, the main pedestrian street. Night game is the best option, however. A lot of girls roll in mixed groups here, so try bring a wing. Your biggest difficulty will be getting the girls away from their clique. Be bold. Control the frame and escalate fast. Swedish girls show very little resistance once attracted. By 3AM, they will take what they can get. However, I recommend you stay further south Naughty women in sweden the good nightlife in either Gamia Stan old town or Sodermalm.

Getting High: Courtesy of webehigh. There are always a lot of smokers in that bar, just ask one of the rastas if they have some Mary Jane or if they know anyone that have it. Stureplan is the more posh place and very guestlist-y not my style. Old Town also has a few cool spots. The following recommendations are all near each other and good craic. Aifur Viking bar. This bar is fucking awesome and should be a mandatory first stop for a night out in Stockholm. Ye auld outfits, grogs of ale, animal skins, candle light, and traditional music all await you in this underground viking tavern.

Website here. After the Viking bar, why not hit up a party boat? Three floors, live music and nightclub. I quite liked it. Cool two story venue with a large beer hall and basement club. This was the only place that had a decent crowd in it on a Thursday. Cheap beer, young girls and good atmosphere. As many readers may know, I have a soft spot for rock bars. They generally attract a laid back crowd with plenty of sexy loose wenches.

Medusa is no different. This maze-like three story rock bar is a good place to drop into. The place to pick up is the front bar. I was there three nights, Thursday to Sunday. Thursday was very sedated with a serious lack of options. I kissed two not-so-hot girls from Kvarnenthen went home alone as the girl I stuck with revealed she had a boyfriend at the end of the night, cheating bitch.

Friday night was Naughty women in sweden better. I kissed two girls again both from a random student partybut this time the standard was very high indeed. I bounced the cuter of the two Swedish-Caribbean mixed to Patricia and then took her home to get my Swedish flag. Saturday night I got laid as well. I pulled her in Medusa. Good times. Why not check out more cheeky City Guides? Stockholm Data Sheet by Dibal-H.

Stockholm Discussion Thread. General Sweden Thread ask a local. Black guys kill in Sweden RVF. Yes, I was finally waiting for Stockholm!!! Nice job man and I am kind of disappointed in the girls looks because people always speak highly of the average Swedish girl. Anyways nice article. Greetings from NYC! And I agree… Swedes are not only overated… I also hate their attitude… they seem to think they are queens… when even Finland has way hotter women. Sort of place I would go for a few days at the most due to the costs. Swedish girls are renowned for fucking on holiday.

I captured my Swedish flag a long time ago in London or was it Paris, I hooked up with Swedish girls in both places but my general impression of Swedish women is not high. If you find an exception to the rule then great but mostly they are cold, closed, no sense of humour and no personality.

Stockholm has a somewhat divided night life. The south side of the city is where you meet the tattooed hipster chicks. The north side Stureplan is more classy. Place starts out as a restaurant and bar early in the evening, but as the night progresses they turn up the music, move away some tables and it becomes more of a night club. Show up early for text book approach venue place. Yeah, that would be wonderful so I think I could have a nice time going around there, if it is how you said.

I heard that before, they usually are cold and very formal. Most swedish girls are not blonde by norther euro standards but the majority of swedish people would be considered blonde in countries like Argentina, italy, spain, brazil or even france.

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The definition of what is blonde is completly different from country to county, even medium brown is considered blonde in some countries, because they are mostly used to black hairs. I think denmark specially jutland is definitely blonder than Sweden, not sure about finland.

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Swedish girls for dating? Are their women really good for marriage? I heard divorce rates are high in Sweden. Funny discussion really! A lot of stupid coments, probably stupid people making them. There are beautiful women everywhere the beautiness is in the eyes of the one that look. Some people like Scandinavian women some like latin and some slavic etc. This is a very silly discussion. The reason why the divorcerate are high in Sweden is because the women does in most cases not need the man financially.

Sometimes men and women shall be to equal in Sweden. Face it women and men are different why does Sweden try to make them equal! Swedish girls are overrated. Just average looking, boring personality etc. They are not the most liberal in the world like some think. You will have a harder time to get laid than a average sweden guy or someone from a mediterranean country. Probably easier to get sex in great britain too, bad looking girls tho and in central europe, better looking girls than in Sweden also.

Naughty women in sweden

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