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Reading Time: 2 minutes Chat with Dave Maxwell at Georgetown University to hear his thoughts on what the future holds for junior commanders.

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The podcast starts with the discussion of the future operating environment within the framework of nuclear, traditional and irregular warfare, and ends with a great story about initiative and strategic perspective by a junior leader in the […].

Reading Time: 2 minutes Discussion with T. C including insights on broad spectrum bets for the future, structural versus interactive complexity, tactical decision games, learning how each other thinks up and down the chain of command, using mission orders, how to deal with mistakes and ending with entertaining kids in Somalia […].

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Reading Time: 2 minutes David H. Reading Time: 8 minutes This vignette is from my deployments as a military engineer in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan. Engaging with the local population helped me sense and in a small but never complete way understand […].

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The image depicts the thinking challenges facing our deployed commanders — the young girl is helping her family tend a poppy field and is met by a solider conducting a security patrol. It is likely her family sold […].

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