Men who like bigger women

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I write anything at all about life in a fat body, literally anything. Or any other big girl. My personal philosophy is that the men who are screaming their asses off about it are just so conditioned to societal beauty standards that their attraction to women with bodies that fall into a plus-size category makes them feel confused and ashamed. Over the course of my life as a big girl I have wished I had a lot more of many, many things.

Money, free time, Target gift cards, wine, cute boots, votes… Attention from men has never made the list. Some men are exclusively attracted to big girls. Others, like my husbandare attracted to women of many sizes. Even more might not approach a fat woman, but are completely content and happy with their partner even when she gains weight throughout their relationship.

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For many men, attraction is not married to a dress size, and love is possible regardless of the on the scale. This gorgeous specimen is my husband. He has zero complaints about my body. A post shared by Katie Cloyd katiecloydwriter. They literally moved across the world to be together. A post shared by Gloria Shuri Henry glowpinkstah.

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This love is sexy, and photographer Marielle Elizabeth is plus-sized. Imagine that. A post shared by Kierra Sheard kierrasheard. Head to IG and search some hashtags. Anything containing fat or plus size will lead you to a treasure trove of sexy fat love. Fatphobia is real. There is just no reason that a fat person should have to defend the size of their body to anyone, ever.

The faux health concern we live with every day is exhausting. We have a lot of important shit to do. If you have time to body shame people, you need to collect all those minutes you spend being a dick and use them to do something good.

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Attend an anti-racism seminar. Educate yourself about climate change. Plan your pandemic-safe Thanksgiving, or collect canned goods and toys for a holiday charity. Do something productive with your life. Nothing you can say to attempt to shame us is going to change that. We use cookies to collect information from your browser to personalize content and perform site analytics.

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Men who like bigger women

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