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By embracing online networks, he believed creators could bypass traditional gatekeepers and middlemen, get paid directly by a smaller base of fans, and live comfortably off the spoils. Today, that idea is as salient as ever—but I propose taking it a step further. As the Passion Economy grows, more people are monetizing what they love. The global adoption of social platforms like Facebook and YouTube, the mainstreaming of the influencer model, and the rise of new creator tools has shifted the threshold for success.

Today, creators can effectively make more money off fewer fans. Sound unlikely? On Patreonthe average initial pledge amount has increased 22 percent over the past two years. Likewise, on Teachablethe average price point per class offering has risen roughly 20 percent, year over year. Instead, this thinking provides a framework for the future of the Passion Economy: creators can segment their audiences and offer tailored products and services at varying price points.

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He or she can then convert some of those users to patrons and subscribers. The creator can then leverage some of those buyers to higher-value purchases, such as extra content, exclusive access, or direct interaction with the creator. Put simply, if you can convince a small of super-engaged people to pay more, you can also have a general audience that pays less. By segmenting the customer base and offering greater value to top fans—at a higher price point—creators can earn a living with a smaller total audience. On Podia, the average revenue per user is increasing, as well.

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Creators who started out solely selling courses on the platform can now further monetize their audience by expanding into downlo and membership subscriptions. These fans expect to derive meaningful value and purpose from the product.

This represents a move away from the traditional donation model—in which users pay to benefit the creator —to a value model, in which users are willing to pay more for something that benefits themselves. In the offline world, people are accustomed to hiring experts across verticals think interior deers, organizational consultants, public speaking coaches, executive coaches, and SAT tutors and are willing to pay premium prices for the promise of measurable improvement and.

Now that mindset is filtering into our digital lives, as well. Regardless of the terminology, products and services in this category solve high-priority problems for consumers. Creators pursuing the True Fans model recognize and monetize the desire for improvement and transformation.

And better technology, such as video course platforms and improved real-time video streaming, allows for richer, higher-quality content than was possible a decade ago. This trend is paralleled in the SaaS worldwhere paid versions of free software cater to power users or prosumers. Though free versions of these products exist, power users chose the paid version for the efficiency and heightened user experience.

While YouTube offers a massive amount of high-quality free content, it can be difficult to navigate and personalize. The monetization strategy for True Fans also differs from the 1, True Fans convention. Easy perks like offering users ad-free content and access to back-catalogs can help creators monetize at a lower dollar amount.

Practically, what does that look like? It means providing differentiated content, community, ability, and access. People are willing to pay high prices for exclusive, differentiated content and access to a network of like-minded individuals. In latetwo financial advisors-turned-podcasters launched a private, paid community called Advisor Growth Community powered by the platform Mighty Networks.

It currently has Looking for fun 100 real members in its ranks. Frequently, premium content and community are bundled together to enhance the student experience by providing valuable social reinforcement and support. The best selling topics include management, study skills, and public speaking. The most popular course is taught by former Peking University professor Xue Zhaofeng and has oversubscribers. While the US podcasting industry is still modestly monetized through advertising, the flourishing ecosystem of paid meditation and audio wellness apps like Hepace, Calm, and Aaptiv—all of which charge subscribers directly—indicate that users are willing to pay for content that tangibly affects their well-being.

The more a student pays up front, the more invested he or she is in achieving the desired outcome. Tiago also shares his s publiclyreinforcing the perception of ability. The top tier offers a level of exclusivity and access that matches the price— times more expensive than the base tier. There are also big, growing businesses in China, such as Bixin, Taobao, and Heizhu Esports from Neteasein which people pay creators to play video games with them. Some of these users are earning tens of thousands of dollars per month as paid game companions.

In the gaming world, whales often lord their big spending habits over non-spenders, thus providing an aspirational target for everyone else. The personalized shoutouts from the streamer, recognition, and elevated social status that such donations afford lead to higher levels of spending.

An emerging Looking for fun 100 real of digital platforms is helping people to translate their skills and talents into businesses. But as the creator landscape evolves, the playbook needs updating. Click To Tweet.

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As such, they require a whole new set of tools and platforms. A creator might have a broad follower base on free social platforms, convert some of those followers to one-time purchasers or patrons, then uplevel some of those users to high-paying super-fans. For founders and operators, that means building products that align monetization with the end user value. Creators that have larger, more diffuse audiences with weaker allegiance or engagement are likely better off monetizing through sponsorships or branded products.

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Looking for fun 100 real

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