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After an annual physical a few years ago, my doctor recommended blood work. While this is an entirely normal thing for patients to do once in a while, I tend to turn even the most minute task into a Process. This was no different. In the meantime, my cottonmouth escalates to panting and my clammy palms sweat profusely. Eventually, unconsciousness sets in.

A lot of people, in fact, react viscerally to the sight of a phlebotomist armed with a sterile syringe: In one study22 percent of patients surveyed at a primary care practice in Australia reported a fear of needles. Other research estimated that about 63 percent of children and 24 percent of adults are scared of needle procedures, including vaccinations and blood tests.

This aversion can result in patients avoiding medical care altogether. The distress usually manifests in a few ways. The fainting component, caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure vasovagal syncopecan be genetic.

Amy Baxter, a p ediatric emergency physician and pain researcher, determined that some cases of needle fear can be traced back to a traumatic childhood event. The more vaccines between the ages of 4 and 6 received in a single medical visit, Baxter found, the more likely they were to report a fear of needles five years down the line.

Reactions from parents and doctors also contribute to needle fears in. Additionally, if parents are nervous, children can absorb their anxiety. As a result, subsequent vaccinations or blood draws can be met with fear — fear of the procedure and fear of the pain. Here are a few expert-approved tips to help patients young and old cope with needles. A fear of needles could be related to pain, the sight of blood, the prospect of a foreign material entering your body or, in my case, passing out.

Meghan McMurtry, a clinical psychologist at the University of Guelph. Do you need pain-management skills? Exposure-based therapy? Physical exercises to keep blood flowing? Getting to the root of the fear is the first part of managing it.

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Becoming familiar with needles, even if that means bingeing House, MDcan help normalize them. For those with extreme fear, experts suggest an exposure therapy regimen in which a professional slowly introduces the patient to needles. This process should begin with more abstract methods, like exposing the patient to photos of the fear source.

Baxter says that real-life needle experiences should get easier once a patient has endured three not-so-great needle scenarios. It hurts. If we managed pain from the get-go, we probably would have many fewer adults afraid of needles. One easy pain suppressant is a topical anesthetic, applied 30 to 45 minutes before the needle breaks skin.

Baxter has also developed a product called Buzzy. The bee-shaped tool, which can be used by children and adults, vibrates while simultaneously emitting cold.

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This helps block pain by confusing nerves at the injection site. Whichever method of pain management you prefer, McMurtry stresses the importance of self-advocacy. If you want topical anesthetics, go ahead and lather some on. This goes beyond just looking away from your arm during the procedure, though that helps too. The key is to make sure the distraction task can be completed in between five and 15 seconds. McMurtry suggests continuously flexing the leg and stomach muscles for to second intervals, interspersed by brief releases.

Before a needle procedure, Baxter recommends drinking 16 ounces of water or a caffeinated beverage, which can help keep blood pressure raised. No medical professional will judge you for freaking out at the sight of a syringe. Being open to communication and setting reasonable expectations are part of the process too. What if you are so scared of needles if one goes by you and you run out of the room what will the doctor do?? Trust me, I do that all the time. They force me down on a table and I scream like a 2-year-old.

Yeah that what happens to me! You have no idea of the fear. I am so beyond the fear that it has now been diagnosed as PTSD, after 50 bloody years of living with it. Most doctors think it is a joke, some nurses openly laugh. I am that zero. Hello Alan I do give a damn.

So I know how it is. Most people do not get it. Medical professionals should really be trained about needle phobia.

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Honestly I think its a byproduct of overly aggressive medical staff manhandling us when we were small and helpless. Tell the medical staff?! What crack are they smoking! Please for the love of god can someone put some real thought into this?! Does anyone understand what kind of torture this could be to people in our positions?! And what makes it all the worse is just how unrelatable they find us. I can see it in their faces. No matter what I did and who I asked help from. I had to get a procedure done in February, and I was crying before they put the needle.

I wish I could avoid needles for the rest of life, but I still need my injections to go to school. I feel like a little kid the way I scream in pain. This article pisses me off. It completely trivializes the terror of needle phobia and over simplifies ways to overcome it. Such bull crap. My dentist does it for me because I have a fear of the dentist. Works beautifully. They have NO sympathy. I am petrified of needles, my palms get all sweaty and i feel lightheaded. If anyone knows what 13 year-old hots feel like plz tell me! I]Be honest because no one else is honest about shots.

I am turning 13 soon to and I can not stop thinking about the shot myself because when my older sister went my mom came home and told me that she squeezed her hand so hard because it hurt so much and I am petrified to go. I have to get mine today and they are going to really hurt. I used to run around the room and cry and then they would hold me down. There not to fun….

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But I seem to have a different reaction. The moment the nurse steps into the room with the tray of syringes and sorts, I start bursting into a giggling fit. Does this also happen to anyone else, or is it just me? I had to get allergy tested 3 separate times as a kid 63 pokes to the back each and seeing that it has shown that kids who go through that kind of stuff do have a phobia felt nice for me.

But, I do wish that doctors would be willing to give some kind of anxiety meds to help with anxiety. I have a similar reaction to shots as many have stated in comments. Does anyone have any strategies that actually work, unlike the ones in this article that help them while they get a shot? You write an article about a fear of vaccine shots — which go into the muscle — then address a fear of IV blood tests which go into the vein.

Not hepful. I have my double year 9 needles next week. When I got my second year 8 one, teachers from the classrooms upstairs came down to see what was happening because Looking for a Needles sexy chat with was screaming so loud. My phobia started around when my sister became afraid of needles, but she managed to get over it. She made sure I knew it was my choice and that no one would be upset if I backed out. I think doctors should take notes.

Yesterday I had my first flu jab in over 40 years. I asked the male nurse to sit me down and keep me talking. We both griped about people not wearing masks on the bus, I breathed deeply and it was over in seconds. I just felt a bit queasy, so I sipped my water bottle under my mask. The nurse was so understanding. Try to keep talking. Good luck everyone. I have avoided them or not went to the dr when I should have over the many years. I ended up having 20 surgeries in 11 years time with too many to count hospitalizations.

He just retired!!! Phobia of needles and age Very embarrassing, yes. Terrified is not the word I would use, I feel I go into shock. As I had to go for a needle every evening for 10 days. My mom had heart surgery when I was young and they made a mistake with a needle and burnt most of her leg away her veins in her arms were not good and then had to work fast and overloaded the needle with Liberfed and burnt most of her leg away. They did save her life. I took care of her when she came home and I watched her suffer.

Vaccine with many people near me and I might scream and shake leaving the curtain between myself and all the people around me.

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No special set-up for people Phobic to needles. Actually terrified to get the covid jab today. I honestly think most of the fear comes from people not understanding my reaction to it, my fear of it. When I got my wisdom teeth removed a few years back the nurses acted like I was such a massive inconvenience and rolled their eyes at me when I had a panic attack.

Finally the surgeon came in and was visibly angry with the nurses, talked me down and got me out within seconds. I think all it takes is really someone caring enough. As for genetics, my dad is the same way about this stuff — thanks a lot, dad. Someone said they go into hysterics- my sister does this! If I can remember I will post later about my experience. And then the key is that I tricked myself into thinking it was the tiniest needle in the world, small enough to be only seen by a microscope. Yes, I could tell I was getting it done, but I tricked myself so well that in the moment the pain was so small.

The best part about this is how FAST it is. Absolutely not dreading the second dose. I hope this helps someone else out there who is struggling with the thought of having to do it. I stood up after getting my shot and I passed out face first and broke my front teeth.

Looking for a Needles sexy chat with

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Is needle fear holding you back from getting vaccinated? Here’s what to do about it