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Now. Recent Photos. a Photo. Beneteau Catalina Hunter Jeanneau Searunner. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to Date: Jul Single Men Living Aboard and Cruising I'm divorced. I've been having a lot of good luck lately meeting great, incredibly attractive younger women. These women were met online at first, then in real life. They are scattered throughout the usa, many of them inland. They all have local lives and aren't ready to travel, nevermind on a boat that is still a construction project.

I'm getting older now and though I can still attract very, very attractive women, it's not going to be that way much longer. I'm wasting a fortune on my boat and have basically nowhere to host anyone still due to it being unlivable for females i can tough it out just fine So Later, Local hotties at cruisers someone or when I feel like it, I could put the vehicle on a roro ship and send it to various countries, fly there and explore.

I have been on boats for my whole adult life, living aboardmaking a living from them, etc. Boats feel confining to me right now in that I can't get anywhere quickly or travel to most of the world Local hotties at cruisers to the harbors with them. I want to go to the west coastthe Midwest, to EuropeAsia. By the time I get this boat done and ready for ocean crossings, I'll be much older.

I could get an rv done in a few months. The catamaran is huge. So many rooms. I have also developed an epoxy allergy helping the pro builders that built the boat, so I can hardly do the odds and ends without discomfort. I had planned to finish the interior myself. What's a single guy to do? Keep sacrificing my life to this boat, or get out and go live? Why are there so many single guys on boats too? That's kind of disturbing to think I may end up as one of them no offense, but I'm very into being with women What should I do? Date: May Being on the water is in my blood and anyone that was going to be in my life was going to have to accept it.

The ones that ran were not the right ones. Here I am about to get married a second time. She gas been living aboard the boat with me for the last 3 years and we're shoving off after the wedding to go cruising. If you love boatingyou'll find a kindred spirit that will jump into the projects with you.

If you can walk away without leaving a part of your soul behind, then run, don't walk away. This lifestyle takes dedication and sacrifice that landlubbers will never understand NJ Sent from my iPhone using Cruisers Sailing Forum. Date: Jan Images: 2. Sell it and get something smaller and ready to go. Face it. The 'Headless Chicken Dance' is a waste of time. Originally Posted by boatman Date: Apr Don't go looking for women. Do things you want to do, travel where you want to go, get rid of any albatrosses hanging around your neck.

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If you do meet someone she'll be doing the things you like doing. No sense trying to change someone to fit the mold you're looking for. Think quality not quantity. Date: Nov Single, young, female cruisers are like unicorns. One other thing, there's a big difference between having a boat, and living on a boat, at least as far as the dating scene goes. One conveys a spirit of adventure with fun day trips, the other is an overgrown boy - at least that's my experience. Why not live the life you want while you can? Sent from my iPhone using Cruisers Sailing Forum.

Date: Aug Sounds like your interest is Local hotties at cruisers young hotties" not someone you can you can share your life, passions and adventures with. If such is the case sell everything and piss all your money away chasing "nimble young hotties" who will gladly accept all the free gifts from you in your attempt Local hotties at cruisers get laid OR do what the rest of us single sailors do. Continue pursuing our cruising lifestyle, enjoy life, and maybe, just maybe you'll come across that 1 in 10, that shares the same interests as you There's an old saying which I'm sure you've heard: "Be careful what you ask for.

I don't know your age, but it seems that you are aware of the ticking clock. The shallowness of quick turnaround relationships robbed a good part of my life of purpose and meaning. Of course, that's not true in every case, but today, I am 78 and still have a love of the sea which never left me empty. And, yes, I am married with 7 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Now I am able to share that love.

Nothing could be better. Originally Posted by SunKing. Date: Feb Your issue with women is entirely separate from your issue with boats. However, you seem to be messing up both issues equally well. By creating barriers to you own success, you guarantee your failure. How about thinking of women as real people with their own dreams, careers, and goals.

And how about owning a sailboat that actually sails if you want to go sailing. You asked. Sounds like you need to sell the boat and get yourself a bachelor pad. Originally Posted by hamburking. A great thing to share with others. Frankly, I feel like I'm missing out on a week of my life when making a single handed passage. I've been on boats continuously for 20 years.

The actual boating is nice, but not all that thrilling. That's sad This can't last long. I'm 67 in 6days. I guess it depends on what you really want to spend your time doing. Working on stuff, or enjoying the company of your lady friends in pretty places of your choosing. Why buy a "truck," and spend time and money on it? Why not just sell off everything and buy a really nice turn key motorhome, or pick up and camper trailerand get on with it? They have terrible depreciation curves.

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Best of all, you aren't asking them to make a total lifestyle commitment to leave behind everything and everyone they know and Local hotties at cruisers just to run off and live with you on your "work in progress. Until you get bored with them? And then send them back to what? I mean, think about what you are offering and what you are asking them to trade for it Date: Oct Month 53 Expenses of Cruising and Living on the Boat ยป. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Local hotties at cruisers

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