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They get the support. They get the praise. They get the devotion. Hanukkah, Christmas, whatever.

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For fifty years, the American photographer has been documenting women. Including herself: pregnant, mother, and then grandmother. Women who surrender to pleasure, in clubs or in private. Battered women and women who manage to get out.

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More recently, she also photographed her own mother during the last years of her life. All these women are in the book released by powerHouse. When she captures scenes of orgy, she does it without false modesty or voyeurism; rather, she celebrates free, consenting relationships; and it is this very notion that is at the heart of her fight against domestic violence. She has, however, been often spurned by newspapers. They can look at any picture of a woman being hit, but they can't look at a picture of a woman in the middle of an orgy being worshipped and adored. But her closeness is sometimes so confusing that one publisher, whom she sent the photograph of a woman being slapped, canceled the order and never contacted her again.

I want all of us to appreciate and help each other. One can imagine their surprise. The present book brings another surprise to those who doubt the power of women.

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This is my insurance against the patriarchy. Laurence Cornet is the Paris-based editorial director of the organization Dysturba journalist specializing in photography, and an independent art curator. Share Share. article Next article.

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