Just wanting some opinions

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You are not entitled to your opinion. You are only entitled to what you can argue for.

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A bit harsh? Perhaps, but philosophy teachers owe it to our students to teach them how to construct and defend an argument — and to recognize when a belief has become indefensible. And this attitude feeds, I suggest, into the false equivalence between experts and non-experts that is an increasingly pernicious feature of our public discourse. The problem is that sometimes we implicitly seem to take opinions of the second and even the third sort to be unarguable in the way questions of taste are.

Meryl Dorey is the leader of the Australian Vaccination Network, which despite the name is vehemently anti-vaccine. Dorey has no medical qualifications, but argues that if Bob Brown is allowed to comment on nuclear power despite not being a scientist, she should be allowed to comment on vaccines.

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But no-one assumes Dr. Brown is an authority on the physics of nuclear fission; his job is to comment on the policy responses to the science, not the science itself. No one can stop you saying that vaccines cause autism, no matter how many times that claim has been disproven. And this too is a distinction that tends to get blurred. Again, if this was about policy responses to science, this would be reasonable. The response from anti-vaccination voices was predictable. On the Mediawatch site, Ms. from Patrick Stokes: The ethics of bravery. Plymouth Contemporary — Plymouth, Devon.

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Just wanting some opinions

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Sharing opinions with others: When is it worth speaking up and when should I just stay quiet?