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Contemporary newspaper reporting provides fascinating details on the day-to day-operations and growth of the Fall Brook System. This is quite a long of newspapers reports, and we are adding to it continuously as new materials come our way. Our thanks to those who have preserved early reporting, especially on the Internet, so that this history becomes available. We have omitted from these reports, for reasons of space, the hundreds and hundreds of mentions of railroad-related injuries and deaths.

The early days of railroading, especially prior to the invention of automatic couplers, were incredibly dangerous. John Magee and The Early Years. January 10, - Corning is a name derived from the Honorable Erastus Corning, late Mayor of Albany and now a member of the Senate of this state Here too terminates a branch of the Chemung canal. Through these channels, and at this place, Pennsylvania has commenced pouring out the wealth of her coal and iron mines, giving employment to hordes of men, and laying up for those who are the fortunate owners.

New York Daily Tribune. They did the work well and promptly, and each realized a hundred thousand dollars on the contract, so it was said. Corning Journal - Corning Journal. The coal traffic from the celebrated Blossburg mines all pass over this road, and the gradual immense development of the aggregate freight and passenger business have just compelled the line to relay the line with 60 lb.

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It is leased for ten years to the Tioga Railroad Company, which company works the road, and pays to the Corning and Blossburg net income amounting to two-thirds of its gross receipts. New York Tribune. June 16, - The Tioga Railroad Company extends north from the rich bituminous coal mines near Blossburg, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, to the New York State line, near Lawrenceville, a distance of twenty-six miles, and at that point connects with the Corning Railroad of fourteen miles in length, forming a continuous road terminating at the Town of Corning, situated on the New York and Erie, and Buffalo Corning and New York railro, and Chemung Canal The Tioga Railroad Company have made a contract with responsible parties for relaying the track upon the New York and Erie, of six feet gauge, and placing thereon very superior heavy iron H rails Locomotive engines and cars are contracted for, sufficient to transport the immense quantities of lumber, coal and miscellaneous freight, which will pass over the ro, as well as passengers.

August 28, - "I have just passed over the route of the railroad from Corning to this place. The short curves have been straightened and the grade made, at all parts of the road, gradually and uniformly to descend from the coal mines to Corning. The work along the whole length is being actively pushed forward and about two-thirds of the road is relaid.

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New engines and cars will be ready to be placed on the road as soon as it shall be completed. Ties are very large and good and close together, ballasted with gravel and well laid. It is indeed Intimate incounters Fallbrook telephone chat line very superior road and will give a suitable opening to the bituminous coal. Of this mineral there is here an inexhaustible supply, as I am convinced by a personal inspection of many of the veins, and of a superior quality.

Little has been said by the friends of the Tioga railroad of this route, as the proper one to connect the Pennsylvania and New York system of public works but from the favorable of their surveys, and from the fact that of the business to pass over any such connection, must come from points west of Elmira, it is now reduced to a certainty that this union will be made and road finished as soon as the Susquehanna road is completed to Williamsport.

December 1, The two met on a curve where they could not see each other until too late. December 8, - There was a collision on the Corning and Blossburg Railroad, six miles from here [Corning], by which the Superintendent of the Road, Mr. Peter B. Gurnsey, of Tioga Co. Amount of damages to engines not ascertained. September 30, - [Corning and Blossburg year-end report] The road is so much embarrassed, that the books were imperfectly kept for some time to the election of the present Secretary and Treasurer.

The organization was kept up to comply with the Charter, with hopes that it would recover from its embarrasment, and it was operated under lease for several years. The road was relaid with T rail in the yearweighing 60 lbs. This is the road formerly called the "Corning and Blossburg railroad," and is now the property of the Blossburg and Corning Railroad Companyan association formed under the act, chap. The road [Corning and Blossburg] was purchased in Juneby the present Blossburg and Corning Railroad Company, and was leased to the Tioga Railroad Company, a corporation of the State of Pennsylvania, by whom it is now operated August 11, - The Corning Union School, and a large and influential class of its patrons and friends, started from the Depot of the Tioga R.

Road for a pleasure excursion to Blossburg. At half past 8 'o'clock on Wednesday morning Aug 2d, our iron horse snorted for the onset, and thundered away up the valley like a thing of life, carrying several hundred of as merry hearts, and handsome, smiling faces, as can be found in the Empire State Shattuck, the Superintendent of the Tioga Railroad Magee, Sec'y. August 10, - It was Mr. Magee's enterprise, sagacity, and good judgement that caused the contract and completion of the N.

Others in that rich company that he headed, filled their stations and acted well in their parts, yet John Magee was the master spirit. Magee again took the leadand has to this day stood by the company aiding it with his vast means without seeking to fill his pockets from or through its construction, while others equally bound to do their duty, have pocketed large profits and left the Road to struggle to a completion or fail in the effort. April 1, - This afternoon the Locomotive on the Tioga Railroad was thrown off the track at Lindley, and capsized.

The Engineer Mr. John Forbes of this village was so badly scalded that his life is despaired of. April 17, - The Fall Brook Coal Company was incorporated on April 7,following several years of exploration in the region. The officers were Hon. Magee, superintendent, and Humphries Brewer, civil engineer.

Its charter allowed it to mine coal in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, and build a rail line from its mines to the Tioga Railroad at Blossburg. In addition John Magee acquired land in Watkins, New York, and built coal trestles and complementary facilities at "Coal Point" on the shore of Seneca Lake, to allow the loading of barges to transport coal up to the Erie Canal.

July 14, - It will be seen by advertisement that laborers are wanted on the Fall Brook Railroad near Blossburg; liberal wages are promised to be paid monthly. September 1, - Hon, John Magee has purchased 6, acres, of valuable mineral land, lying six miles from Blossburg, Pa. Hornellsville Tribune. Fall, - The Fall Brook railroad was completed to the new village of Fall Brook in the autumn of During the year work had been vigorously prosecuted.

A saw-mill was built for the company at the falls by George Kichter; coal chutes were erected at the mouth of Drift 'No. Brockway; thirty or forty dwellings were hastily constructed, and a supply store erected on the site of the present hotel building Boarding houses, blacksmith shops, and carpenter shops were also built, and Intimate incounters Fallbrook telephone chat line great enterprise successfully established in what, but a few months before, was an unbroken mountain wilderness.

Samples of this coal were shipped by Mr. Magee to a of leading manufacturing concerns throughout the country, including the repairing departments of several railro, from all of whom came reports and testimonials, certifying to its superior quality, and assuring for it an immediate and profitable demand.

The mining of coal at Blossburg, under lease, was abandoned and the fixtures removed to Fall Brook. Valuable franchises were obtained at both places, and trestles and chutes erected to facilitate the handling of coal. January 16, - The extension of the Corning and Blossburg Railroad Tiogafrom Blossburg up Morris Run, a distance of seven miles, is nearly completed.

The first coal train from the new mines passed down on Thursday evening last.

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This new coal is said to be superior to any bituminous coal in the State. April 1, - Duncan S. Magee, superintendent, announced the opening of the mines at Fall Brookand that "the Fall Brook Coal Company had ample facilities for shipping this coal at Corning by canal and railroad, and have also arrangements for delivery directly from the mines by rail at Watkins, at the head of Seneca Lake, and there transferring it to the enlarged Erie Canal boats.

August 8, - A of citizens of Wellsboro are to make an excursion on the 5th to the Fall Brook Coal Mines, seven miles above Blossburg. They will be accompanied by a Cotillion and Brass Band. October 2, - On the 15th of October, the ten years' lease expires, by which the Tioga R. Rogers as Superintendent. November 13, - This afternoon about three o'clock, the loaded coal train coming north on the Tioga Railroad came in collision with an empty train going south, three miles above this village. The verdict of the jury censured the Superintendent, Mr.

Rogers, who was running the down coal train and Mason Van Scoter, Engineer of the up train, the latter for running without a conductor, the former for running out of time, contrary to his own rules. November 27, - Morris Run Mines. Some weeks ago we visited these mines It had been twenty-one years since we beheld Blossburgh - then an ambitious mining village The abandonment of the mines near the village, for those richer or more readily worked a few miles beyond, has diminished the population materially January 22, - John Magee has purchased 6, acres of land in Ward township.

In John Magee transported over this road seventy-one thousand tons of coal and provided his own cars to carry it in. In he transported over the Tioga Railroad eighty thousand tons, and in one hundred and thirty-seven thousand tons. The Tioga Railroad charges him for the use of their road 30 cents per ton, he furnished cars. Tioga Agitator. February 12, - The Tioga Company and Mr. The freight thus received has been divided between the Intimate incounters Fallbrook telephone chat line ro upon the following basis: The whole road is 41 miles length, of which 26 miles belong to the Tioga Company, and 15 miles to Mr.

He sends coal over the road - say one ton, for example. In addition to this he is allowed on all coal sent to tide water and to certain other points a deduction of 20 per cent on the gross amount of freight charged on such coal. April 9, - Mr. This obviates change of Engines or Conductors at Lawrenceville. April 16, - The Fall Brook Coal Company's improvements at this place, the work required in their Machine Shop, and the renewal of active business at the Corning Foundry, have made an unusual demand for labor, and there has never been such a demand for dwelling houses as there is this spring.

June 16, - It is reported that Mr. June 23, - The Tioga Railroad Co. It is to be in working order by the 1st of August, and aside from its usefulness to the Companies, will be of great service to the people along the line.

September 16, - Fall Brook's petition to be incorporated as a borough was granted. The borough embraces about six thousand acres of land owned exclusively by the Fall Brook Coal Company There was a saw mill, coal chutes, thirty to forty crude dwellings, a supply store, boarding houses, blacksmith shops, and a carpenter shop along with a schoolhouse In the fall ofa telegraph line was completed between Corning and Fall Brook The Fall Brook Hotel was completed in May, February 23, - It is announced that the Hon. The wealth and business energy of this company is a sufficient guarantee for the full development of the property and oil wells will be sunk, and coal shafts opened at an early day upon this tract.

May 4, - An extract from the Buffalo Sentinel stated that Edward Moran of this village was about to organize a union at Elmira and Watkins. These companies and businessmen give notice that as they consider such Unions detrimental to employees as well as employers, they covenant and agree to discharge from employment, refuse to employ and remove from their houses any person who may such a Union as exists at Corning, Morris Run and Fall Brook.

The trestles at Watkins were used to load the coal onto barges on Seneca Lake, and it was taken north to Geneva. Magee never liked the canal route, however; it was closed in winter, and was not kept up properly. Efficiency was important to him. In July,permission was received that allowed a railroad track, called the Magee switch, to be built from East Tioga Avenue in Corning to Hope Cemetery, thus connecting the Corning and Blossburg line with the Erie Railroad.

Emerson, The former is some distance down the Lake. The latter is on the west side within perhaps two miles of Watkins. A third rail was laid over the Northern Central, connecting by a curve with the Erie road at the junction south of Horsehe, so that trains passed direct from the Tioga road to Watkins without change of cars or contents. Coal Point became the scene of more activity than any other on Seneca Lake. September 14, - A short track for the coal trains is Intimate incounters Fallbrook telephone chat line be laid from the terminus of the Tioga Road in this village, intersecting with the Erie Railway near the Cemetery.

Intimate incounters Fallbrook telephone chat line

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