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Her husband, William Bengtson, never feared law enforcement growing up white in Hopkins. So it hurt Suzanne, in a way, that William needed a series of videos to grasp how cops can kill unarmed Black people. How much footage do white people need to watch, she wondered, to believe what goes on?

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But she came to understand. Black-white couples have increased from 7. Long before the death of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis cop forced the nation to confront racism, being an interracial couple has pushed the Bengtsons to undergo their own private reckoning with white and Black realities. Suzanne was born inas the country reeled from racial strife and Black citizens rioted over high unemployment, police brutality and racial injustice. It was also the year the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in the Loving v.

Virginia case. Suzanne moved to Minneapolis in as a young single mother of three, hoping to forge a better life. She went to night school and worked an assortment of jobs at a bakery, airline ticket counter and elementary school before moving into workforce development. Suzanne relied Interracial women Saint Paul food stamps and Section 8 housing to make it in the early days, struggling to find a landlord who was not wary of another poor Black mom from Chicago.

Gradually, her life steadied. She went on to marry a Black man and have two more children. After a difficult divorce, Suzanne ed up for match. William, a divorced father of two, was the first man to write to her. They met for sushi Interracial women Saint Paul Saji-Ya in St. Suzanne wondered if William, now 60, was too suburban and corporate. Would he understand who she was, her struggles? Suzanne soon found that William did not fit her stereotypes of a white Minnesotan.

He was more layered than she had assumed — a business consultant for Fortune companies who also had a meditation mat and books about Hinduism, Buddhism and African American history on his shelf. She thought at first that his optimistic personality came from having a privileged life, but she came to see that he had chosen that view in the face of his own trials and disappointments, and he was corny and funny and smart and authentic. William had no qualms about dating outside of his race; being in the dominant culture, he never felt the same pressure to preserve it.

William sensed that he and Suzanne were meant for each other. Nor did it bother him to learn that Suzanne had to overcome her own reservations about being with a white man. For the first time, William began walking into rooms where he was one of the only white people. At a Martin Luther King Jr. Their hardships often stayed with her, and she and William had heated discussions about race, which were possible because they love and respect each other deeply.

A lot of all races have issues and things. The world is just unfair. Yet sometimes he saw racism in episodes that Suzanne viewed as unremarkable.

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William saw plenty of open tables. She felt nervous when William began inviting her to a family cabin Up North, where the population is almost entirely white. The lessons of her segregated upbringing lingered: She often heard from elders growing up, some of whom had left the Jim Crow South, that something bad could happen to a Black person who was not where she was supposed to be. They also found that they viewed the police very differently.

Suzanne once called her husband in a panic after a cop pulled her over for going 10 mph over the speed limit. Afterward, they realized that when William asks an officer why he was pulled over, the officer is usually almost apologetic. By the time the Bengtsons wed inBlack Lives Matter dominated the news. Protests erupted over police killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. Suzanne kept calling her children to check on them, though they were mostly grown. Her daughter at Macalester College was distraught.

Several years ago, Suzanne was terrified when Ty got on a different bus and there was a mixup at his school about where he was. With limited cognitive abilities, he could not follow orders or communicate clearly if he encountered the police. Cops could make disparaging assumptions, Suzanne noted, given the of people on the streets in their downtown Interracial women Saint Paul neighborhood who had addictions and mental illnesses. As outrage exploded in May over the death of Floyd, Suzanne could not bring herself to view the full video, even as William did.

Now he knows to change the channel when another clip of police brutality flashes on the screen. As the pandemic forced the couple to work from home, their downtown apartment began to feel too small. The Bengtsons began looking for a house spacious enough for their large blended family. They drove through north Minneapolis but decided against buying a home there over fears of rising violence.

The dearth of middle-class Black neighborhoods here bothered Suzanne. After the Bengtsons moved in last month, they talked about going to the police department to show officers a picture of Ty and explain his condition.

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Modernist St. Paul house offers privacy and stunning views of Mississippi River. Meet Gwen Westerman, the new state poet laureate. The Eagles revisit 'Hotel California' in St. Minneapolis Interracial Twin Cities couple undertake their own private reckoning with race in America Long before the death of George Floyd forced the nation to confront racism, being an interracial couple pushed Suzanne and William Bengtson to undergo their own private reckoning with white and Black realities.

By Maya Rao Star Tribune. Maya Interracial women Saint Paul covers race and immigration for the Star Tribune. More from Star Tribune. Paul house offers privacy and stunning views of Mississippi River October 1. Paul October 1. More From Star Tribune. More From Local. Local 46 minutes ago. Business 52 minutes ago. Tesla reports stronger-than-expected Q3 sales Tesla says it deliveredelectric vehicles in the third quarter even as it wrestled with a global shortage of computer chips that has hit the entire auto industry.

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