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Part of the fun of going out to eat is having other people prepare your food and bring it out to your table. Servers do a lot more than taking orders and carrying food, though, and knowing what goes on behind the scenes is the Hot waiter tonight to a great restaurant experience. But servers are also privy to the restaurant secrets you might not know about—and some of them are less than savory.

These 20 restaurant secrets and insider tips will teach you to order smarter and make you a better patron in the process. Read on to find out why you should never leave your phone on the table or hand a server dirty plates, as well as the drink order that all servers dread. She described working at an "upscale, local Italian restaurant," so that might not be a universal thing, but it's still a possibility, so keep it in mind next time you reach for a piece of bread. It made them laugh. Another Reddit user, speck, wrote that they didn't like when customers responded to "How are you doing tonight?

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If something goes wrong with your meal whether or not it's your server's faultit's better to address it earlier on. That way, they can understand and help rectify the situation, rather than wondering why they got a lower tip. Communication between front of house and back of house can easily get misunderstood.

The cook has to ditch their position to prep your request, and this can cause many problems. It also encourages like behavior from other patrons. If a restaurant is particularly busy, you might want to stick with ordering a regular on-menu item. Yes, it's Hot waiter tonight to get something that's custom-made for your taste, but it also holds up the production line for everyone else.

We get that, and we respect that. But do not forget that you are a guest. In addition, you are not the only guest," wrote Quora user Maxwell Arnold. If you're really cold, say, beneath an air vent, you can ask your server to move you to a different spot. They might not be able to accommodate you if it's busy, but it's a lot easier than changing the temperature of the entire restaurant. First, present the tea box and stand there smiling while the customer casually makes their selection and then head back to the kitchen to get the hot water and all the accouterments that go with it," explained Reddit user Smallmeadow Oh, and it's on a Friday and there's an hour wait at the host stand so everyone is hangry and I'm about to get seated.

It's stressful, man! Don't get hot tea. I get when people do that they are trying to be helpful, but it's not," wrote Reddit user in a thread about how customers can help their waiters. Your server's job is to hand you the food, so just sit back and let them bring your dish to you.

It's easier for everyone. Restaurant tables are already small enough—don't add to your server's stress by putting more stuff on them. Even if there is plenty of room for your phone on the table, you still might want to think twice before leaving it there. No waiter wants an irate customer complaining about how water got onto their phone because it was on the table. It is easy to tell when people are causing a stink just to get something free and when people are genuinely upset," explained Quora user Emily Carver. Yes, a manager might choose not Hot waiter tonight charge you for your meal if something went wrong with your dining experience.

But if you're just trying to take advantage of a restaurant's policy, you might not get the result you'd hoped for.

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There is one thing you can do to make things easier for your server, though. If you're finished with one plate or bowl, you can leave it at the edge of the table, rather than tucked away. That way, your server won't have to reach around you to grab it.

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It is so much harder and more gross to scrape now-wet tissue out of a pint glass than pick up dry tissue off a table. You might think that consolidating all of your trash into one place is helpful, but if that place is your cup, you're just creating more work for the people cleaning up after you. Restaurants can't control how busy they are on a certain day, so try not to complain if you have to wait a few minutes before you're seated. Put it to the side of the table. Done with your food? Put your silver and napkin on top of your plate and push it to the side of the table.

Your server has an eye on your table, even if they're across the restaurant. So if they see an empty cup on the edge of your table, they'll do what they can to Hot waiter tonight you a refill. Even if you are a total [jerk] about your complaint, we still won't spit in or mess with your food, your service may rapidly go downhill, but your food will always be clean.

There are any of reasons why substituting something might be a headache. Sauces might come pre-made with the ingredient you want to be removed, or chopped vegetables might be stored together. The easiest thing for the restaurant staff is if you find something on the menu you can order as-is. This was a common complaint among restaurant workers on various Reddit thre about restaurant secrets. Just because you see an open table doesn't mean it's fair game.

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It's best for everyone if you wait for the hostess to seat you. We cannot close the restaurant until you leave," wrote Reddit user clivodimars. If you see the staff members start cleaning the floor, that's a it's time to head home for the night. And if the restaurant switches the music off, that's another clue. I usually tell my tables from the start that if you want separate checks for a table of 20 you can't play musical chairs on me," wrote Reddit user Chriskills.

So going through and writing descriptions of each person and what they order isn't really viable for me. It's definitely helpful for your server to know ahead of time that you'll be getting separate checks. But it's also useful for them to remember your order based on your seat. So once you're sitting down, stay there. If you want to drink, bring your ID especially if you look under Now that you know what kind of headaches restaurant servers have to deal with, you can appreciate everything that goes into delivering great service.

Armed with these tips and restaurant secrets, you're sure to have a great time during your next dinner out on the town. Discover the ways they're charging you more, while you're gaining more—weight. Seriously, stop Hot waiter tonight napkins in your cup. By Kate Mulcrone. Kate Mulcrone is an entertainment, food, and travel writer. Read This Next. Restaurants 10 Restaurant Secrets Waiters Won't Tell You Discover the ways they're charging you more, while you're gaining more—weight. More in Restaurants.

Hot waiter tonight

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