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No worries! No babysitter required! So put the kids to bed and get excited for these creative date ideas! These creative, simple, and cheap date night ideas will make date night fun again! And be sure to check out these 32 creative date ideas as well! So I have to mention this one first. Not only is this great for date night, but family fun! I was amazed at the detail and thought that goes into each mystery. We worked on our mystery for almost 3 hours, although you could easily split it up into more than one date. Each box content varies, but each month there are abundant cryptic clues and puzzles to get your heart racing and brain ticking.

Ready to have a creative date planned for you?

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Order this fun date night here. I promise you will love it! You know that one dinner that your spouse always get seconds of? Make it for them! Need an idea? It sold out last year, so pre-order your copy here! For an active at home date night idea, grab your Nerf guns and have a war.

Winner gets to choose the prize! Pull out your favorite 2-player card games or board games for some fun together. Winner has to clean up the mess. Make graham cracker gingerbread houses together! Have cupcake wars or bake 2 desserts and see which one is the best! One of the most romantic things to do at home is to pretend you are at the nicest spa around.

Light some tea candles and turn on some relaxing music.

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Take a bubble together, give foot massages, or full-body massages. For unique date ideas, do a chocolate tasting. Pick out chocolate bars with different cocoa levels or different gourmet brands to see which one you like the best. Would You Rather questions never get old.

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This game for couples will help you learn new things about your spouse! Need indoor date ideas but have a huge project list? Tackle a project together. Build an accent wall, hang some photos or organize the closet together. Be sure to break for kisses! Time for a change? Rearranging a room together is a free date idea that will make you feel like you have a new space to enjoy!

A fun date night theme is Chinese night! Order from your favorite Chinese restaurant, learn origami, learn to use chopsticks and watch a Chinese movie. Channel the inner kid inside of you for this fun at home date ideas. Grab all the blankets and make the most epic fort together. Enjoy dinner or your favorite dessert inside, or kissing. Or play date night games together! Get all your favorite ice cream sundae toppings for an ice cream sundae bar at home. The more the merrier! A cute date idea at home is to write all the fun memories of your story!

Have you ever taken the chance to write down your love story? Where did you meet? Where was your first kiss?

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How did you get engaged? Think of all the fun details your kids and grandkids will want to know and write it down together. One of best cheap date night ideas at home is to take online dance lessons! Now is the time to perfect your dance skills and you can learn basic dance skills with these free dance lesson videos. Looking for some free date night ideas at home? I bet you have a stash of puzzles just begging to be used!

Have a race to finish a piece puzzle or do a Great creative dating ideas puzzle together. Check out justserve. Have you ever wondered what fries, chocolate shakes, donuts or cookies are the best? Pick up a one of each from a few local restaurants and do a blind taste test so you know once and for all. Another creative indoor date idea is to have a picnic! But have a picnic in an unusual place like under the table, in the office or in the basement.

Elevate the ordinary with a candlelight dinner! No matter if you eat cold cereal or make a fancy dinner, eating by candlelight will make stay in date ideas seem that much more special! Good date ideas include activities that are out of the ordinary! Plan to eat your favorite dinner but with you wrists tied together. A couple who eats with wrists tied together stays together. Throw your budget to the curb and plan your dream vacation! This fun at home date lets you both de your dream trip together. Where would you go? What hotel would you stay in? For this fun date idea, you just became the newest pizza restaurant in town.

Make your own pizza with this best pizza sauce. Not feeling dinner? Make a delicious fruit pizza instead! No campfire required! Make lemonade, Italian soda or a fancy drink while you talk on the porch. Put on your cowboy boots and saddle up for a night of fun. Eat country-style BBQ and corn bread, learn a country dance and have fun! Make the best soft sugar cookies and decorate them together. Fondue night is fun-due night! Make the easiest chocolate fondue recipe for a night of deliciousness. Grab a football or baseball and play catch in the backyard.

Make one of these delicious and simple pies. Date night at home is a great chance to learn something new. Learn to change a tire, bike tire, use a power tool, bake Great creative dating ideas or build something together. Have a breakfast in bed date!

Make your favorite waffles or pancakes and drizzle this amazing buttermilk syrup on top. We call it Preview to Paradise for a reason. If you love ice cream, this creative date night is for you! You can make ice cream without any special ice cream maker. Use this ice cream in a can recipe for delicious ice cream you make together! Feel and share this love with these romantic date ideas at home— roll the dice and tell your spouse that many reasons why you love them. Or give them Top 10 reasons you love them.

Pick one and make it together! Have you ever tried root beer brands side by side? They are not created equal. Do a root beer taste test with these printables and ideas! Which one of these fun things to do for date night are you going to do next? Print off all of these Date Night Jar ideas, place them in jar and whenever you need a date idea, pull one out!

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