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But you might learn more below! Like other language lessons on this silly website see my list of British SlangAustralian SlangKiwi SlangIrish SlangRussianFrench and Spanish swear wordsthe Germans have come up with a great of colourful expressions that are spoken to brighten up your day!

I mean, a beer lover like myself see Oktoberfestwhen planted in the country that is an expert in brewing beer, is in an amber ale paradise! The people there are really friendly, helpful and funnyplus everything works and is on time.

Anyway, have a look below at the silly German Swear Words and other funny expressions that I trawled from around the place!

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Plus how to speak New Zealand Slang! Some others may earn you a punch in your face.

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I am a native German and enjoyed seeing a lot of our slang expressions in one place. Thanks for collecting them.

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However, a lot of them are not translated correctly at all. me if you are interested in translating them into a native tongue. When I was stationed in Augsburg, Germany, my German gf at the time kept calling her ex an Arschlecker. I asked her what it meant. I dont see this on your list.

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If you want to destroy a kids self esteem, it works like a charm. I see dpb and Kelly made the same remarks, but some of these are just not correct translations. Some of these are very creative. Or maybe wrong translation. Be a share millionaire! Tell the world! What are some great German Swear Words? Is that a Riesling in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Still Bored At Work?

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Fuck me in Germany

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